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The advantages of pearl Quartz Stone are :
1. Durability
Exceptional hardness (Mohs 6.5-7 grade), strength and durability.
2. Luxurious appearance
Its radiant look will optically expand and brighten your interiors.
3. Color variety
Wide range of available color and textures will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. We my also custom customers’ appointed designs and colors.
4. Thickness
with Thickness of 12mm/15mm/8mm/20mm/25mm/30mm for selection.
5. Resistance
The stone surface is resistant to high temperatures, chemicals, abrasion, scratches and cutes.
6. Hygiene
Thanks to is its zero porosity, our quartz stone meets all hygienic requirements and is also very easy to maintain.
7. Unique designs and colors
Available in mono colours and star series.
8. Consistency
The individual product ranges are composed of different materials, mixtures and additives.
9. Water absorption & hardness
Our stone is with low water absorption at 0.08% and Mohs hardness at 6-7 grade & Shore hardness at 78.
10. Maintenance
Unlike other surfaces, Quartz stone requires almost no maintenance at all (except general cleaning). Thanks to its non-porous surface, no residues can penetrate it and leave permanent stains
Technical Information Artificial Quartz Stone
The Quartz surface is made of 93 percent of naturals materials – namely quartz and granite combined with 7 percent of additives. The additives The additives consists of resins (binding the individual components together and lending the stone the necessary strength) and color pigment (ensuring excellent aesthetics and color stability). The product has virtually identical and in some respects even better characteristics than natural stone. Quartz stone characteristics:
Taking Care of your Pearl Quartz Stone
Is just as easy as it is to buy one. You will be glad to know that your Pearl Quartz Stone is a hassle-free surface solution that requires almost no maintenance. Due to its rock-solid non porous quality, it calls for no sealing while continuing to be as lustrous as new. You can simply clean them with soap and water or a mild detergent to keep them like you bought them just yesterday! In case of removing any residue from the surface, use only a non-abrasive household cleaner to safeguard its original shine. If you want to remove any non-metallic object and then wipe away the marks or residual dirt with a damp cloth. For further assistance, you can contact our helpdesk and we will be more than glad to recommend a solution for any problem.
Quartz Stone Applications

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